The FIA GT Championship season ends with the last race in Monza this weekend .The Italian track that is 5.770 m long is famous for being one of the fastest tracks in the world. Andrea Piccini's Lister's engine and braking system will have to deal with a lot of pressure. For this race the driver from San Sepolcro , Tuscany will share the car with David Sterckx and Gabriele Lancieri.

Andrea Piccini

"I know this track very well. I competed on this track in the formula 3000 series as well. We all very well know that Monza is a very demanding on the car; the engine turns at its maximum and the decelerations are very strong. On the other hand, Monza doesn't cause too much physical fatigue for drivers who get a chance to ,if we may say "rest" due to all of the straights. Unfortunately, I was forced to retire during the last two races because of technical problems. Thus, I wasn't able to sum up any points. It's a shame because we had proved that we were one of the main protagonists this season. we need to gain that reliability again.

"The Lister Storm has real good aerodynamics but still permits the other adversaries to be a bit faster. We need to work hard on the set up of the car and we need to try to use down force to catch up to the other cars that have more horsepower than we do."

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