Rain in Fiorano and A Reduced Program For Matteo Bobbi

The heavy rain in Fiorano highly influenced the test session scheduled by BMS Scuderia Italia.The scheduled program planned by the team's engineers was reduced due to the weather condition.

Matteo Bobbi was only able to run 10 laps on board the Ferrari 550 maranello #2;the car that is usually driven by Gollin and Cappellari. Regardless of the few kilometres run today (30 laps in all divided equally for Bobbi, Gollin and Cappellari), the technicians gathered up enough data to technically improve the car in sight of the next race.

Matteo Bobbi

"The rain wasn't very welcoming today. However, the team was able to get vital information to improve the car. It's always very important to continue testing so you don't lose your confidence and the feeling with the car. I would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Easter.The second round of the FIA GT is in Valencia after the easter holidays."

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