Ex-BTCC battler Anthony Reid, is looking forward to the FIA GT3 event at Silverstone next weekend. Driving with French team Pouchelon Racing, Anthony will be in the awesome Dodge Viper SRT-10, thought by many to be the car to have this year.

Reid is ready for the challenge of FIA GT3 in 2006 "FIA GT3 has considerable status and visits some of the great European circuits. Yet as a stand alone championship, it offers teams and drivers an opportunity to win outright on a reasonable budget". Reid has not raced full-time in sportscars since his days in Japan "it is an area of motorsport I wanted to get back to. I am enjoying working with Pouchelon Racing. I like their style, they are passionate about their racing. I believe we are in for a very exciting season".

Anthony's partner is Gilles Duqueine, a top French F3 driver whose racing career was cut short by a road accident. Now a paraplegic, Duqueine has featured in French Supertouring in recent seasons. "Gilles is a real racer" says Anthony "and during testing we found we like a similar setup".

Team principal Alex Pouchelon rates Reid highly "Anthony's experience has helped us make big leaps forward with the new car. Anthony, Gilles and the SRT-10 is a combination with the capacity to compete right at the front".

FIA GT3 is an intriguing mix of experienced racers like Reid and Tiff Needell versus young guns like Sean Edwards, what does Reid think of this? "Speed is speed, you have it or you don't but experience always counts. Car setup, racecraft, no-one is born with these things, you can only learn them". Fans wanting to meet Reid are welcome "there is an open paddock policy at FIA GT races so come to the Pouchelon garage and say hello".