Second place in the Corvette standings for Lacko and Vojtech

The crew of Adam Lacko and Stepan Vojtech managed to move thirteen positions in today's one-hour race of the European FIA GT3 Championship at Nogaro in France. They started twenty-third on the grid and finished with their Corvette Z06R GT3 in tenth. It was Adam this time who was driving the MM Racing Team car first. Manoeuvring quickly among crashing rivals Adam showed his skill at the beginning of the race. Although the couple did not reach for any points in absolute standings, they ended up being second in the Corvette standings.

Adam Lacko: "This time the beginning of the race was up to me and I must say I enjoyed it more than enough. It was a hustle and bustle right after the start. Crashes, cars across the track, even the fire in a Viper. Of course soon the safety car got on the track. Once it had been back in boxes, I began to attack my rivals. I was twelfth when changing with Stepan. The car was better comparing to yesterday, nevertheless, the setting wasn't an hundred percent."

Stepan Vojtech: "Adam had sharp times today than I did yesterday. He's skilful to stand such drama.What a pity the race did not last any longer, I managed to get close to the group of many rivals right before the finish, and I felt I could make it. Unfortunately, there was no time to overtake them. Yet I enjoyed the race today. It's a pity we couldn't get any points like in our recent premiere in the home championship at Brno."