After much hard work, car 29 appeared for Qualifying with a fresh engine. This meant car 30 would not now take any further part in the event.

However, replacing the engine in car 29 means an automatic penalty of a back of the grid start, making the idea of qualifying a bit of a nonsense for Gilles Duqueine and Anthony Reid. But with tyres to bed in and some aero testing to do, it was necessary to go out.

Qualifying 1

Car 29 - Anthony Reid gave up the first few laps of his 20m session to show team-mate Thierry Stepec some good lines, taking off to record his fastest lap on the 4th tour with a 1.22.6 - quickest Viper and 4th fastest overall at that time. Feeling he couldn't top that without sacrificing the new set of tyres and aware that his times wouldn't count anyway, Reid came in early.

Car 31- Poor Thierry Stepec didn't even get into his stride because a problem brought him in after 4 laps and he didn't get back out.

Qualifying 2

Car 29 - Gilles Duqueine used the Reid strategy of trying to make his 4th lap the optimum one and recorded 1.23.7 which was 16th fastest. He was stuck in the middle of a large bunch of cars though and decided to take a couple of slow tours to let his tyres cool and also find space. He again went for a quick lap in the last 2 laps of the session but could not improve on his earlier effort.

Car 31 - After showing strong improvement in yesterday's test session, Philippe Gaillard only managed 3 laps before an engine temperature warning brought him in. He managed to record 31st fastest time despite not being happy with the car from the off.

With only 2 of our 3 cars running and both of these near the back of the grid, Pouchelon Racing is having a 'character-building' weekend. Coming after our podium in the Spa 24h only a few weeks ago this is tough but we look forward to providing the Dijon crowd and TV viewers with some real entertainment as Gilles Duqueine and Anthony Reid fight through the pack from their back of the grid slots.

-credit: pr