Matech GT Racing closer than ever to a first European title in FIA GT3!

The final round of the European FIA GT 3 Championship is taking place on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th December in the United Arab Emirates, and being held on the 5,3 km long Dubai Autodrome. A final which most probably will result in a first crown for the Matech GT Racing team, presently cheerily calling the tune on the teams' front, as they are some 26 points ahead of the closest rivals. In the drivers' championship, with 10 points being awarded to the winners in each 60 minutes heat, everything remains wide open, notwithstanding the difficult task ahead for Thomas Mutsch and Ian Khan (8 points behind), Bradley Ellis (9 points) and Alex Mortimer (11 points).

"This first title clinched by the team would really give me great pleasure ", Martin Bartek, the man in charge of the Swiss Matech GT Racing team commented. "For us this would represent a double reward, namely as the manufacturer of this superb Ford GT, but also for the team entering these three cars. Having said that I'm not entirely satisfied with the manner in which this 2008 season progressed, rather irregular for our cars. After several victories at the beginning of the competition, we had some heavy handicaps inflicted upon us which were pretty damaging, and whereby we lost out on numerous podium places. However let's not spoil our pleasure; Matech GT Racing is a young team which has grown up very quickly, taking on this huge challenge by building, developing and entering a racing car with an important potential ."

When one mentions end of season one automatically thinks about the next campaign. In this light Matech GT Racing will once again be present in 2009 at the international Grand Touring competitions; however it is still too early to fully reveal the future programme. "We are presently in the planning stage to develop a GT1, but this might well be a bit tight for 2009", Martin Bartek continued. "The actual economic climate and the present perception of the automotive world do not speak favourably for such initiatives. However one thing which is for sure is the fact that a Ford GT1 will race in 2010. As for the coming year we might well be entering two Ford GTs in FIA GT3, as compared to the three this season. However here again this remains a conditional possibility. We are going to take things one by one, finish off this 2008 sporting season, then draw up the balance sheet and consider 2009. "

First and foremost the Matech GT Racing team will ensure that it clinches the teams' title as from the first race in Dubai. Should the "drivers" crown follow, this would be the most magnificent of bonuses. In the meantime, action!

-credit: matech