Race in Dubai cancelled due to local floods

All those participats of FIA GT3 European Championship experienced really unexpected end of the season in Dubai. Last race of the year, which could be started hour and half after midday CET, was cancelled due to heavy rain. Normally, there is raining 13 days in average in a year in Dubai. But cloud- burst came subsequently in several days. Boxes, paddock as well as the circuit looked like big flood. That's why, management decided to cancel the race. The final of season avoided to crew Adam Lacko, Stepan Vojtech.

As well as in previous races, the couple has had to compete with Corvette Z06R, MM racing team. Adam and Stepan passed only half of season, nevertheless they proved to get points twice and finished sixteenth overall in Driver's Classification. Always 40 as far as 50 crews started in each race. They contributed by their achievements to fourth place in Team's Classification and finished fifth in Corvette Manufacturer Cup.

Adam Lacko: "This really means to catch the right weather..The place, there is raining few times a year and cloud-burst came in. Maybe, builders forgot to build up drainage. I don't know but it was very unusual to see keeping water in boxes like this. My this year's season was observed by many changes of championships and racing teams. I wish a lot not to repeat everything in next season. I like GT3 very much and want to fully continue. I will remember on races in Brno cheerfully, where we run over good races after not such as good qualifications. As well as Epilog, last race of very competitive Czech Touring Cars Championship, where me and my colleagues got fourth win."

Stepan Vojtech: " I would say exactly the same as Adam. It was my first year when I returned from rally to circuit racing and was rambling. Hopefully, next season will be managed better without changes of series and racing teams. Nevertheless, that's the way it is in motorsport. I have to say, I like a lot the FIA GT3 European Championship. There are high-quality races with strong competition and huge number of drivers. Dubai's flood were special. Water was everywhere not only in circuit but in the city as well. Water got into the restaurants and shops even few days before the race. It looks they not really look out for heavier rains and flood at all."

-credit: adam-lacko.cz