During the last race in Oschersleben, Andrea Piccini's Lister Storm was put out of order due to a problem with the radiator that had been hit by a rock. This weekend, on the Estoril race track, the front brakes were the cause of Piccini and Sterckx's retirement. After an hour and 20 minutes, Sterckx, who was driving at that time, had to retire. It's a real pity for Andrea who proved his competitiveness throughout the weekend: his second best time during the race proves this with only 10 seconds behind Cappellari and Gollin's Ferrari.

Andrea Piccini

"It's such a shame! We proved to be competitive once again but a technical problem with the front brakes prevented us form finishing the race. During the qualifications, the car behaved well: we were only eighth but this did not worry me because I knew that we had found the right balance for the race. I started off well and from then on, I started to gain some positions. I overtook the Saleen, Pescatori's new Ferrari 575 and Bobbi's Ferrari 550.When I had conquered the fourth position, I started having problems with my front brakes. The car was very difficult to handle so much so that I anticipated my pit stop. I went to the pit box after 45 minutes into the race. Our mechanics tried to fix the problem but there wasn't much they could do. Sterckx had a very dangerous car at hand since he only had the back brakes to count on. We retired after an hour and 20 minutes when we were in 5th place. We have one more race on the fast Italian track in Monza and we hope to finish the season on a positive note "