Matteo Bobbi and his team mate Thomas Biagi are the world champions of the International FIA GT Championship by finishing third on the Estoril race track in Portugal. They have already won the title with one race left to go. Bobbi and Biaggi started off the season with a bang by winning 6 races (they won the first five consecutively and set a record). The result of the upcoming race in Monza will not influence this because mathematically the driver from Milan has already won the title.

Matteo Bobbi

"I'm estatic! We came to Estoril with all the advantages on our side thanks to the six races we had won out the eight we had competed in. Our strategy was to be really careful. We had a lot of points to our advantage and it would have been stupid to risk losing them. From the start of the race till the end, my only objective was to reach the finish line without taking any risks. In fact during the third hour of the race, I even felt like a tourist! Although we competed with this much caution , we still managed to conquer the third place. Thomas and I have proven to be the best couple.Even though we were beginners in this category, we immediately proved our talent and found our right rhythm.So much so that we won the first five races consecutively! When you win the title, you can't forget that behind all of this there's the team's work, who I thank and would like to dedicate this victory to. I would also like to thank the people who supported me in particular, my family, my girlfriend and my manager Giovanni Minardi. I would also like to dedicate this victory to my sponsors who without them all of this would not be possible! See in Monza!"

Giovanni Minardi , Manager

"Matteo deserves this title. Going from a single seater (he was 2° in the Formula Nissan 2000 Championship last year) to the touring cars is easy. The International FIA GT Championship is really difficult and this victory is also a triumph for Italian motor sports in the world."

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