The Dec. 20 OnTrack mentions BPR organizing 12-14 GT endurance races in '95, with German Karcher Inc. backing. Then a few pages further on, it mentions FIA's International Trophy for Endurance Cars in 1996, agreed (but too late for '95) for convergence between FIA's GT regulations and ACO at 24h of Le Mans, 24h of Daytona, and possibly 24h of Japan.

It doesn't mention an agreement with IMSA WSC, for an International Endurance series. They both talk, however, about 1996 endurance races; Ferrari and Porsche hint about being ready for LeMans...'95 or '96?

Also, more hints, in Dec. OnTrack; that Tom Walkinshaw's U.S. team is consulting with Porsche. "The design, expected to meet IMSA's WSC criteria, employs a 3.0-liter turbo, which is why it is being allowed, only in the endurance events at Daytona and Sebring, provided it uses the displacement and boost restrictions that will be required for Le Mans," and goes on about it being a customer car, with strong possibilites for inclusion in 1996 Exxon WSC, if turbo proves equitable with the atmospheric engines now required.

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