Monday's weather was a sudden change from the previous days glorious sunshine. It was overcast skies and the threat of rain. A number of times during the morning it started to spit, but thankfully it never actually rained.

At 12 O'Clock the four hour race started. At the start the first five places were taken by McLaren F1's, headed by the one driven by Nielsen and Bscher. The Gulf McLaren of Bellm and Sala made its way to third place, getting ahead of the Jacadi sponsored car of Giroux and Grouillard, before the car suffered from gearbox problems - a lengthy stop and they returned to the race 21 laps down on the pace - effectively out of the race.

Andy Wallace, driving the Moody Alfayed owned Harrods-McLaren, hit a Porsche at the Melborne Hairpin, and broke the rear track rod, and rejoined the race in 10th, but fought their way back up into third by the end of the race.

Whilst all these dramas were going on the West Competition McLaren continued to dominate the race, pulling out a huge lead until about 3/4 of the way through the race, when they recieved time penalties for speeding in the pit lane, handing the lead to the Jacadi McLaren.

The Jacardi McLaren suffered the same fate, recieving a 10 second penalty for speeding in the pit lane. As it came into the pit for that penalty it broke the speed limit again, and was brought in for another. Eventually the car lost its gears, and retired - this was the chink in the McLaren armour at Donington. The West McLaren regained the lead, and never lost it again.

Result after 4 Hours (146 laps)

Pos        No.        Team                                Laps        Time / Behind
1.        8        West Competition McLaren        146        04:01:08.82
2.        16        Gulf Racing McLaren                146        +1:23.69
3.        9        Mach One McLaren                143
4.        65        Stadler Porsche 911 GT2                140
5.        50        Freisinger Porsche 911 biturbo        139
6.        55        Stadler Porsche 911 GT2                139
7.        14        Parr Porsche 911 GT2                137
8.        80        Chamberlain Jaguar XJ220        136
9.        46        G Force Porsche 911 GT2                134
10.        4        Agusta Callaway Corvette        134
11.        22        Elf Porsche 911 GT2                133
12.        59        Bernt Porsche Carrera Cup        131
13.        58        Bernt Porsche RSR 3.6                130
14.        2        Agusta Callaway Corvette        128
15.        1        Gulf Racing McLaren                126

Fastest Lap

8. West Competition McLaren on lap 2 1:33.47 (96.28mph)

-- Stephen M Baines

"[The Autosport sticker] started to peel off in the middle of Eau Rouge and it distracted me. In fact it was the first thing to hit the barrier" Tiff Needell - Jaguar XJR-15 Challenge - Interview with Autosport