The FIA GT Championship is back in the former eastern block for the second time this year, and Christian Montanari is ready to join Maserati and Vitaphone at Brno on one of the favourite tracks of nearly all drivers. The length of the circuit, together with the fast turns, the elevation changes and the woods as a suggestive surrounding, recalls other famous venues like Spa-Francorchamps and Mugello, and Montanari, still up to title chase with team-mate Miguel Ramos, is ready to race for podium after the 4th place scored at Adria.

"I raced at Brno in 2003 with a Touring Car, and I remember I found out it was good and fun to drive, with fast turns where you have to floor the throttle... and that's my favourite part... After the fourth place scored at Adria - that didn't left me completely satisfied - I'm traveling, together with Ramos and the team, towards Czech Republic with a clear intent of scoring points. The track is particularly hard on tires, but I'm sure Michelin - as usual - will provide us the best possible rubber; we'll have to watch out from Playteam's Pirelli-supplied Maserati, and from Chevys and Astons, that will perform well on uphills. Our MC12 will be very fast in changing direction, and we'll also work very hard on pitstops, to avoidrepeating our past mistakes. To have a say in the fight for the championship, we'll be forced to make anything perfect."