Brands Hatch. The brand new Porsche 911 GT1 clinched a convincing second victory in only its second outing at the International Four Hours Race at Brands Hatch. After a cautios start Porsche worksdriver, Hans-Joachim Stuck had taken over the lead in the third of 166 laps. Until the finish Stuck and his team mate Thierry Boutsen from Belgium opened a gap of more than one lap to the fastest competitors.

"The GT1 ran like a clockwork,we had no problem at all apart from lapping a lot of other cars. The whole team did an absolutely perfect job." said a delighted Hans-Joachim Stuck after the race.

The new Porsche 911 GT1, which had already impressively won the 24 Hours Race at Le Mans, turned out to be a winner at its premiere in the Inter- national GT Challange "BPR" as well: high carat competitors like Ferrari, McLaren-BMW, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Crysler and Lotus had no chance to take the lead from the racing car from the Porsche R&D Center at Weissach, throughout the race.

Top 10 race results:

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pos Drivers Nat Car Laps ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 *Stuck/Boutsen D/B Porsche 911 GT1 166 2 Wallace/Grouillard GB/F BMW-McLaren F1 GTR -1 3 Owen-Jones/Raphanel GB/F BMW-McLaren F1 GTR -2 4 Nielsen/Bscher DK/D BMW-McLaren F1 GTR -2 5 Olofsson/Della Noce S/I Ferrari F40 -5 6 Konrad/Wollek/Ortelli A/F/F Porsche 911 GT2 (1stGT2) -8 7 Euser/Erdos/de Lesseps NL/NL/F Marcos LM600 -8 8 Beretta/Bell F/GB Viper GTS-R -10 9 Eichmann/Ruch/Kelleners CH/D/D Porsche 911 GT2 -10 10 Byrner/calderari CH/CH Porsche 911 GT2 -10

*Guest start for testing, no points.

Top 6 standings after 8 of 11 races:

Pos     Team                    Drivers                 Pts
 1      Gulf Racing/GTC         Bellm/Weaver            164
 2      West Competition        Thomas Bscher           132
 3      Rook Racing             Eichmann/Ruch           131
 4      Enna Igol               Olofsson/Della Noce     111
 5      Gulf Racing/GTC         Owen-Jones/Raphanel     106
        Harrods Racing          Wallace/Grouillard      106