It's Official: Andrea Piccini Will Drive The Lamborghini With The DAMS Team in FIA GT.

This news has been out for a while now but it was lacking the official confirmation. Now that all the final details have been settled, we are happy to announce that Andrea Picccini will be competing in the 2004 FIA GT championship this season. Andrea will be on board the Lamborghini Murcielago that is managed by the French Team DAMS.

The car will be delivered to the French team by Reiter Engineering the first week of June. This means that the debut is expected on June 27th in Donington.

Jean Denis Deletraz will be Andrea Piccini's team-mate. Jean Denis and Andrea competed together in 2002 with the Ferrari 550 Maranello and in 2003 (for half a season) with Lister as well.

This strong and united couple, who had the 2002 title at the tip of their fingers, will once again be part of the FIA GT championship.

Audi will be supporting the Lamborghini Murcielago program with all of its technical knowledge and they will be at hand to update the car as fast as possible.

The tyres haven't been chosen yet but Audi's close collaboration with Michelin, leads us to believe that the tyres will be Michelin.

Once the car is delivered, a 2 day shakedown will be scheduled on the Bugatti track in Le Mans.

The car's chassis will black and orange. The file attached shows all of the details.

Andrea Piccini

"I'm very enthusiastic about this agreement. This will be an introductory season for us: we will have to break the car in and we will have to resolve all of the inevitable problems that will come up with such a "young" car. It will be hard work but exciting. I can't wait to get on track in Donington and to make our debut with the Lamborghini Murcielago."

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