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Greetings from the TT Grandstand in Douglas, Isle of Man, the headquarters of the 32nd Manx International Rally. Scrutineering is on Tuesday 13th September, with the event running in 3 legs on Wednesday (first car starts 10.15, due in Parc...

Greetings from the TT Grandstand in Douglas, Isle of Man, the headquarters of the 32nd Manx International Rally.

Scrutineering is on Tuesday 13th September, with the event running in 3 legs on Wednesday (first car starts 10.15, due in Parc Ferme 18:50), Thursday (first car starts 09:00, due in Parc Ferme 22:40), and Friday (first car starts 10:15, due in Parc Ferme 14:00).

This is the final round of: - the Mobil 1/Top Gear RACMSA British Rally Championship, - the British Junior Rally Championship, - the Triple Crown Championship for the Bruce Trophy, and a round of: - the European Rally Championship for Drivers (Co-efficient 20), - the European Challenge for Drivers of Production Cars (Group N), - the F.I.A. European Rally Cup for Drivers, - the Dunlop Tarmac Championship, - the West-Euro Cup.

The rally consists of 33 special stages, with a historic rally (catering for historic rally cars (pre- 31 December 1967) and post-historic rally cars (pre- 31 December 1974)) following on stages 7 to 25 and 29 to 33.

The current entry list for the International Rally and the Historic Rally is attached below; both entry lists are Copyright 1994 Manx International Rally Ltd.

MANX INTERNATIONAL RALLY 1994 European Rally Championship for Drivers Co-efficient 20 NUMBER CREW CLASS 1 Michelin Pilot/Team Ford Malcolm Wilson/Bryan Thomas Ford Escort A8 2 Kaliber Kenny McKinstry/Robbie Philpott Subaru Legacy A8 3 Nissan F2 Tommi Makinen/Seppo Harjanne Nissan Sunny A7 4 Jan Van der Marel Autosport Dieter Depping/Peter Thul Ford Escort A8 5 Sebastian Lindholm Sebastian Lindholm/Philip Mills Volkswagen Golf A7 6 Antonis Jeropoullos Antonis Jeropoullos/Theodoros Vassiliades Nova A6 7 Michelin Pilot/Team Ford Stephen Finlay/Campbell Roy Ford Escort A8 8 Mobil 1/Toughmac Team Bertie Fisher/Rory Kennedy Subaru Impreza A8 9 Lombard & Ulster Banking Ltd Frank Meagher/Pat McLoughney Ford Escort A8 10 Vauxhall Sport David Llewellin/Ian Grindrod Vauxhall Astra A7 11 Nissan F2 Alister McRae/David Senior Nissan Sunny A7 12 Gary Leece Gary Leece/Pauline Taylor Ford Sierra A8 14 Team Shell Helix Martin Rowe/Chris Wood Ford Escort N4 15 Gwyndaf Evans Gwyndaf Evans/Howard Davies Ford RS 2000 A7 16 Team Shell Helix Jonny Milner/Steve Turvey Nissan Sunny A7 17 Mark Lovell Mark Lovell/Duncan McMath Toyota Celica N4 18 Eric Mauffrey Eric Mauffrey/Yves Bouzat Ford RS 2000 A7 19 AogB jr Team Bruno Arntsen/Geir Kirkhorn Opel Astra A7 20 Danish National Rally Team Tim Svanholt/Hans Marx Peugeot 309 A7 21 Nikolai Burkart Nikolai Burkart/Regine Rausch Opel Astra A7 22 Hideaki Miyoshi Hideaki Miyoshi/John Kennard Mitsubishi Lancer N4 23 Philip Young Philip Young/Gordon Noble Ford Escort N4 24 Mark Higgins Mark Higgins/Cliff Simmons Honda Civic N2 25 Dominic Buckley Dominic Buckley/Douglas Redpath Volkswagen Golf A7 26 Peter Christian Peter Christian/Peter Biggs Ford Sapphire A8 27 Geoffrey Stewart Geoffrey Stewart/Peter Murray Vauxhall Astra A7 28 Donald Bailey Donald Bailey/ Ford Escort N4 29 Scott Bradshaw Scott Bradshaw/Anthony Cashen Vauxhall Astra N3 30 Peugeot Sport David Higgins/Mike Park Peugeot 106 A5 31 Stephen Wedgbury Stephen Wedgbury/Ian Regan Vauxhall Nova A6 32 David Charlton David Charlton/Denis Fields Vauxhall Nova A6 33 Cobex Ltd Richard Wood/Michael Gibson Ford Escort N4 34 Alec Cooper Alec Cooper/Jeff Ashfield Ford Escort N4 35 Tony Jardine Tony Jardine/ Toyota Celica N4 36 Patrick Bettridge Patrick Bettridge/Norman Quayle Volkswagen Golf A7 37 Noel Kelly Noel Kelly/Wendi-Lee Davies Vauxhall Astra A7 38 Sergey Tomchani Alexander Saluk/Sergey Tomchani Ford Escort N4 39 Raymond O'Neill Raymond O'Neill/Michael Barge Honda Civic N2 40 Ken Ridley Ken Ridley/Ian Canavan Ford Escort N4 41 Daren Herring Darren Herring/Ian Allsop Vauxhall Astra N3 42 Sheridan Williams Sheridan Williams/Graham Mockridge Vauxhall Astra A7 43 James Vickers James Vickers/Andrew Pemberton Vauxhall Astra N3 44 Mark Doyle Mark Doyle/Rory Doyle Vauxhall Nova N2 45 David Craine David Craine/Elaine Bell Volkswagen Golf A7 46 Stephen Cotton Stephen Cotton/Graham Bisset Vauxhall Astra N3 47 Les Andrew Les Andrew/Brian Heather Peugeot 205 N1 48 Nigel Heath "Dome" Heath/Philip Hesketh Lancia Integrale N4 49 Patricia Laverty Patricia Laverty/Ruth McCracken Ford Sierra N4 50 Kevin Scott Kevin Scott/Nicholas Starkey Vauxhall Astra N3 51 Michael Hewison Michael Hewison/Linda Boyde Peugeot 205 A8 52 Florian Schmidt Florian Schmidt/Jens-Peter Kroll Suzuki Swift A5 53 Alexander Dubravitsky Mikhail Narishkin/Alexander Dubravitsky Lada A5 54 Harry Cathcart Harry Cathcart/Kenneth Weir Suzuki Swift N1 55 Nigel Arnfield Nigel Arnfield/Miles Whitelock Opel Corsa A6 56 Soren Andersen Soren Andersen/Henrik Vestergaard Opel Kadett N3 57 Michael O'Hara Michael O'Hara/Diane McBriar Vauxhall Nova N2 58 Kevin Vondy Kevin Vondy/Paul Sayers Vauxhall Nova N2 59 John Moxon John Moxon/Stephen Moxon MG Maestro N3 60 David Corris David Corris/Stuart Cameron Ford Sierra A8 61 Juan Howland Juan Howland/Voirrey Howland Peugeot 205 N2 62 Alexander Dubravitsky Alexander Kuzminsky/Nikolai Ostrovski Lada Samara A5 63 Andrew Senior Andrew Senior/Tim Leech Vauxhall Nova N2 64 Malcolm Oxborrow Malcolm Oxborrow/Peter Chapman Rover Metro N2 65 Ecurie Azur Christophe de Fortis/Beatrice Dal Cin Honda N3 66 Miles Chamberlain Miles Chamberlain/Andrew Allen Citroen AX N1 67 Dave Cooling Dave Cooling/Andy Wynne Rover Metro N2 68 Holger Knobel Holger Knobel/Jan Knobel Volkswagen Golf N3 69 Peter Van Der Lans Rob Heldoorn/Peter Van Der Lans Renault Clio N3 70 Edwin Gregory Edwin Gregory/James Philips Renault Clio N3 71 Emlyn Wynne Emlyn Wynne/Ian Bevan Suzuki Swift N1 72 Declan Jackson Declan Jackson/Denis Jackson Vauxhall Nova A5 73 Jean Bateson Jean Bateson/Clarence McKeown Peugeot 106 N1 74 Gilly Handley Gilly Handley/Bob Barker Rover Metro N2 75 VCB Berlin Wolfgang Schroder/Detlef May Suzuki Swift N2 76 Wolfgang Schieffer Wolfgang Schieffer/Bertold Gies Seat Ibiza N2 77 Mark Kiernan Mark Kiernan/Paul Kiernan Volkswagen Golf A7 78 Anna Tait Anna Tait/Martin Saunders Rover Metro N2

MANX HISTORIC RALLY 1994 NUMBER CREW CLASS 201 Andy McClements Adrian Kermode/Andy McClements Morris Cooper S B2 202 John Handley John Handley/Tony Moy Lotus Cortina B3 203 Glenn Leece Glenn Leece/John Tarrant Morris Cooper S B2 204 Sean Campbell Sean Campbell/David Gray Lotus Cortina B3 205 Desmond Nutt Desmond Nutt/Derek Smyth Austin Cooper S B2 206 Drew Wylie Drew Wylie/Neil Ewing MG B B4 207 Roger Clark Roger Clark/Max Harvey Porsche 911 B4 208 David Mylchreest David Mylchreest/Roy Sweetman MG MGB B4 209 Martyn Griffiths Tom Barr-Smith/Martyn Griffiths Austin Cooper S B2 210 David McErlain David McErlain/Andrew Merifield Lotus Cortina B3 211 Jonathan Lord Jonathan Lord/Martyn Quine Ford Cortina GT B3 212 David Prouse David Prouse/Rick Hands Lotus Cortina B3 213 Graham Leece Graham Leece/Edwin Kennaugh Austin Cooper S B2 214 Nigel Minay Nigel Minay/Margaret Looney Leyland Cooper S C1 215 Gregory Roberts Gregory Roberts/Fred Gallagher Lotus Cortina B3 216 Mark Tipping Mark Tipping/Tony Jolly MG B Roadster B4 217 John Keatley John Keatley/David Hamilton Porsche 911 B4 218 Roy Dixon Roy Dixon/Stan Gribbin Ford Anglia B2 219 Jayne Wignall Jayne Wignall/Kevin Savage Sunbeam Tiger B6 220 Chris Kelly Chris Kelly/ Hillman Avenger C2 221 John Corlett John Corlett/Paul Jones Ford Escort C3 222 David Jones David Jones/Richard Beaumont Ford Escort C3 223 Duncan Bennett Duncan Bennett/Adrian Corlett Ford Escort C3 224 Peter Cook Peter Cook/Fiona Cook Austin Mini B1 225 Derek Parling Derek Parling/Christine Parling Sunbeam Stiletto B1 226 John Bateson John Bateson/Tony Radcliffe MG B C2 227 Reginald Berrie Reginald Berrie/Derek Challenor Austin Cooper S C1 228 Julian Kaighin Julian Kaighin/Nicholas Kaighin Sunbeam Stiletto B1

Issued at 22:00 on 12 Sep 94. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

-- David James

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