LA CANADA, Calif. (October 12, 2001) - It didn't take long for Ricky Carmichael to adjust to his Honda on the first night of competition at the THQ U.S. Open. Carmichael, Havana, Fla., won his third consecutive THQ U.S. Open moto in front of Team Yamaha's Tim Ferry and Honda's Mike LaRocco. Carmichael started fast, earning the Powershot and holding onto the lead from wire to wire. On lap one, Jeremy McGrath went down and fell back to 12th place. Early on, Ferry passed LaRocco after a series of bar-banging corners and remained two seconds behind Carmichael.

"I was trying to keep Carmichael honest up there," said Ferry. "I have had some great races with Carmichael, but I wanted to be consistent." After 10 laps, Carmichael's lead extended to four second, while McGrath worked his way into fourth.

"I had an awesome start, and that is what is important on a tight track like this," said Carmichael. "I was really comfortable up front, but Ferry was pressuring me. It will be hard to repeat the season I had last year, but I am going to give it 100 percent"

The win for Carmichael moves him one step closer to the $100,000 jackpot. <pre> Final Results 1) Ricky Carmichael 2) Tim Ferry 3) Mike LaRocco 4) Jeremy McGrath 5) Kevin Windham 6) Nick Wey 7) Brock Sellards 8) Mike Brown 9) Travis Pastrana 10) Steve Lamson 11) Josh Demuth 12) Isaiah Johnson

Next year's THQ U.S. Open will be held on October 11th, 12th, and 13th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Tickets for the 2002 THQ U.S. Open will be on sale at the beginning of January. Pay attention to <> for ticket information and all of the latest news.