Matt Moves to UK

January 24th 2005 - Matt Kuhne the 16 year old Gold Coast racer will be leaving for the UK on the 5th of February, Matt will arrive in the UK on the 6th of Feb with a test in Spain on the 15th of Feb. Matt will be contesting the British & Spanish Championship in the 125 GP class.

Matt will be based in Worster England (Midlands) with his new Team (UK Racing). Matt is looking forward to moving to England as he knows that he has better career prospects racing over seas than what is available here in Australia. The format of racing in the British & Spanish Championship is similar to the race format of World GP races. The competition is also of a high standard which will make him improve to ensure he stays at the pointy end of the field.

Matt has a lot of circuits to learn and a lot of races will be his first visit to each of the tracks. Matt's family will be busy watching for results on the Internet and hope to get to Spain & England to watch some of his races. Matt said that he can really focus on his racing and his fitness training because the climate is so different to what he is used to that he will have to keep exercising to keep warm.

Matt would like to thank all those that have assisted him with his racing here in Australia, without their help he wouldn't be making the move to the UK. A big thanks to Alumalite Racing, K1 Racing, Whales Motorcycle World, Graphic Design Warehouse, Oxtar Boots, and all those that have helped out along the way.