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Chronological BF3 photos:

Class 51: Robert Doornbos, Goddard Racing SC
51. Robert Doornbos, Goddard Racing SC 52. Robbie Kerr, Goddard Racing SC
53. Kazuki Hoshino, Carlin Motorsport SC 54. Parthiva Sureshwaren, ME Motorsport SC
55. Micheal Keohane, Meritus SC 56. Peter Nilsson, Meritus Racing SC
57. Adam Blair, Performance Racing SC 58. Matthew Gilmore, Performance Racing SC
59. Justin Sherwood, Performance Racing SC 60. Aaron Scott, Rowan Racing SC
60. Aaron Scott, Rowan Racing SC
62. Ernani Judice, Parker Racing SC 64. Stuart Turvey, Gatellie International SC
65 Rowland Kinch, Team Park Motorsport SC 66. Harold Primat, Diamond Racing Team SC
77. Mark Mayall, Diamond Racing Team SC 88. Shinsuke Yamazaki, Diamond Racing Team SC
Jeffery Jones with mentor Danny Sullivan Jones leaves his pit
Gurney gets ready
Edwards prepares
Jones on the grid
Gurney on the grid
Capacity grid for race one
Martin O'Connell back for one race Edwards blasts into the lead at the start ahead of Courtney
Sato hit Jones at the start then went off... ...only to rejoin behind the damaged Jones' car
The winner of race one James Courtney