Robbie Kerr pleased with World Series Test

Robbie Kerr, the 2002 British Formula 3 Champion had his first taste of a Dallara Nissan World Series Car with the Epsilon Euskadi Team, at the Paul Ricard HTTT facility in the South of France on Saturday the 18th of December. The final day of the official series test.

The first day of the test was held in near perfect conditions, with some rain arriving on queue after the testing had completed for the day. Day two started with a damp circuit but soon dried and again provided excellent conditions for all the drivers.

Day three, when Robbie was scheduled to take the wheel of the car for the first time, was badly affected by the arrival of the Mistral wind that is common in the region, with gusts of up to 60 MPH during the day. The wind at it calmest was still gusting at 20 to 25 mph making running very difficult for all the drivers.

Unfortunately Robbie also lost the majority of the morning session to due to an engine failure, which occurred on his first lap of the day. Team Epsilon Euskadi did a great job to complete an engine change with enough time for Robbie to do a few sighting laps on a circuit that is unfamiliar to him, before lunch.

Robbie completed 60 laps (compared to the 100 plus that most drivers completed per day) in the afternoon and his best time of 1:18.207 was the 3rd fastest time of the day and the 8th fastest time overall from a total of 27 drivers who ran during the three days.

Team Principle Joan Villadelprat was pleased with the test "We where very happy with all three drivers that tested for Epsilon Euskadi at the Paul Ricard HTTT facility. Robbie was unfortunate to have the worst weather conditions and also a rare engine failure which limited his serious running to 60 laps. Taking this into account his time was very good. We where also very impressed with his attitude and feed back, both where excellent. Now we have to work on the commercial side and see if we can continue working with Robbie" Commented Joan Villadelprat

Robbie also enjoyed the experience "Although the amount of time in the car was quite limited and the weather really did not help I enjoyed driving the car and working with Epsilon Euskadi who where very professional in there approach. The Dallara is very quick and looking at the new car which was on display at the circuit I think it will be even better next year. Overall it was a good experience and I was quite pleased with the time we set. Now we have to see what happens." Commented Robbie.