Ralt announce new Formula 3 car for 2002

Race car constructor Ralt have announced that they will run 2 cars in the British F3 Championship in 2002 after an absence of almost 8 years in the British series.

When no teams expressed any serious interest in running a Ralt car in 1999 things looked pretty bleak for the Oxfordshire based company. Luckily the Formula 3 market opened up in the States when a series was announced for 2000. Only one team, DM Racing, bought a Ralt, with the others opting for new Dallaras. The lone Ralt was on pole for it's first race, went on to win the next 3 and ultimately the Championship.

Many of Ralt's UK suppliers, keen to see something built in the UK, have given their support to the programme, including MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association), who are playing a major role in the aerodynamic development of the new car, mainly in the windtunnel with the 40% model (pictured).

"MIRA's technicians are really great to work with, and their commitment to seeing a totally British effort succeed is second to none" explained one of the Ralt engineers.

The new Ralt, almost a secret until now, will feature many improvements made during testing & development in the USF3 series. With it's extremely light & compact gearbox, it should be around 10 kg's lighter at the back end than the opposition, along with cleaner lines around the diffuser with none of the obstructions in the underfloor airstream, associated with the much bigger Hewland units. Car 1 should be completed within about 3-4 weeks

2 cars will be run by a current, experienced team who can develop the new car with Ralt in the background providing technical support, although a decision has still to be made as to which team. "We're talking to a some serious investors and a couple of good drivers who have the talent." commented Ralt boss, Steve Ward.