Sean Petterson has stepped up to the Championship Class, which means his number has changed to 12, but he stays with Fluid Motorsport and is driving the Lola B06-30.

Hot, humid, gusty winds.

Qualifying Round Five Report:

After a reasonably well-behaved morning (with only one red flag per free practice session), the 31 runners in the British F3 International Series were turned loose on the streets of the Romanian capital to qualify for the fifth round of the 2007 championship. It seemed unlikely that they would be able to behave themselves quite so impeccably for a further half hour as they discovered the limits of this demanding track, which is basically a series of fast straights and abrupt corners (oh, and just for good measure a roundabout that makes up the final corner).

At Raikkonen Robertson Racing they were ready to go as soon as the pitlane went green. Stephen Jelley and Jonathan Kennard were nearest the exit and led the pack out to play. However, they didn't get so much as a warm up lap completed before they had to come back to the pits again, along with the rest of the pack. This was caused by Hitech Racing's Walter Grubm