BFGoodrich Tires has signed a three-year exclusive agreement to become the official tire supplier of Skip Barber Racing.

The agreement includes the Skip Barber Racing School, the Dodge/Skip Barber Driving School, the Skip Barber Formula Dodge Regional (4) Race Series, the Formula Dodge National Championship Presented by RACER, and the Skip Barber Challenge Series. In addition, the agreement includes sponsorship of Skip Barber Racing's elite racing championship, the nationally televised Barber Dodge Pro Series, North America's leading professional equal-car open-wheel racing series.

The four regional Skip Barber Race Series championships and the Formula Dodge National Championship Presented by RACER will use BFGoodrich g-Force T/A® slicks and wets while the Traction T/A street-tire family will be the source of tires for the Skip Barber Racing School and the Dodge/Skip Barber Driving School. The Skip Barber Challenge Series and the Barber Dodge Pro Series will use g-Force T/A® racing slicks and wets.

"This new partnership provides synergies at a variety of levels and allows us to build upon our unmatched motorsports heritage," said Thom Peebles, BFGoodrich Tires brand director. "This relationship combines our mutual commitment to providing the ultimate motorsports experience to emerging racers and enthusiasts."

This is not the first time that BFGoodrich Tires and Skip Barber have teamed up. During the first two years (1986-1987) of the Barber Saab Pro Series, BFGoodrich provided street-legal racing tires for the 30-car Barber Saab fleet. This new relationship marks the first time that BFGoodrich Tires has provided a racing slick for use in the various Skip Barber-managed racing series.

The Skip Barber Racing School has long been regarded as the world's best racing and driving school, catering to race enthusiasts as well as those looking to hone their street driving skills. In operation for more than 25 years, the Skip Barber organization has grown to offer a unique range of automotive entertainment, education, and amateur and professional competition.

"We are extremely pleased to have BFGoodrich Tires join our team," said Stu Upson, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Skip Barber Racing. "Everything we do, from the racing and driving schools to our seven auto racing championships, are designed around excellence in motorsports -- both in terms of performance and technology. BFGoodrich Tires has proven it is a leader in both, and so we're really looking forward to getting them back on the track with us.

Skip Barber Racing has five base locations in the U.S., from which the largest race car fleet in the world, including multiple transporters and school staff are deployed to more than 20 race tracks and other driving venues nationwide.

To elevate young talent to the highest ranks of racing, Skip Barber Racing formed an alliance with Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) to develop the $1.3-million Barber-CART Scholarship Ladder in 2001. The tiered system identifies and promotes deserving racers based on talent rather than financial advantages. Scholarship winners receive both financial and coaching assistance.

"BFGoodrich Tires is involved in almost every facet of motorsports in the world. The addition of open-wheel racing completes the package," said Todd Steen, motorsports marketing manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "In the past, we have used motorsports as a proving ground for our passenger tires and this new relationship will be no exception."

Rick Roso, motorsports marketing manager for Skip Barber Racing, adds, "When our racing school, driving school and race series customers experience the thrill of performance driving, knowing we have chosen BFGoodrich's high-tech, race proven brand, they can't help but be extremely impressed by the capabilities of the tires."

Founded in 1975, the Skip Barber Racing School has grown into the world's most recognized and accredited racing and driving organization. By offering a range of automotive entertainment, education and competition, Skip Barber is uniquely positioned in the motorsports industry.

Since 1983, Skip Barber has trained more than one-third of all Indianapolis 500 competitors. Similarly, more than a quarter of the current NASCAR Winston Cup field has spent time in a Skip Barber program, including Jeff Gordon, a graduate of the Three Day Competition Course.

Today, Skip Barber Racing School -- the Skip Barber Racing School, the Dodge/Skip Barber Driving School, the four regional Skip Barber Race Series, the Skip Barber Challenge Series and the CART-Champ Car Barber Dodge Pro Series -- is recognized as the global leader in automotive education, entertainment and competition. Visit Skip Barber Racing at

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