This week, Montréal will be abuzz in preparation for the Molson Indy. Always a major summer attraction, large crowds are expected to descend onto the Molson Indy racing grounds this weekend to watch their favourite open-wheel racers take to Montréal's 4,36 km permanent road course. For Barber Dodge drivers, it will be their third stop in Canada this season, and for Beaconsfield, Québec's Chris Green, the Formula Ford 1600 Regional Champion, nothing could be better than racing on his hometown track.

"I am really looking forward to Montréal," Chris said. "Race fans here are great and I know the track well."

Piloting the #96 (Chris Green Motorsports/DAC Aviation/Stelvio) car, 19 year-old Chris Green currently sits in 12th place in the standings, even though he missed the two last events.

"I'm in good spirits," Chris said. We didn't get the results we were looking for in Toronto, but I came away with some good experience. I'm hoping that the car is on target for Montréal," he said.

As for Chris' race expectations? "A podium finish," he said. " I'm hoping that things work out in our favour at the Molson Indy."

Chris has demonstrated a competitive racing spirit and has displayed mature driving skills, steadily progressing since his first race at St. Petersburgh. But here in Montréal, it is time for Chris to make his own break - right into the ranks of the top Barber Dodge Pro drivers. A podium finish would be fitting and, without a doubt, richly deserved by this hometown favourite.


The Barber Dodge Pro Series is the entry level professional racing series on the ladder leading to the top level Champ Car World Series. The 2003 season takes drivers and teams to ten circuits in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The vehicles used in the series are Reynard Dodge 98e single seaters, powered by a 265 hp Dodge V6 engine, capable of speeds up to 275 km/hr. In total, the Barber Dodge Pro Series pays out over $1 million U.S. annually in prize money, contingencies and scholarships. For further info on the Series:


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