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Chronological Automotive photos :

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Bill King, Kevin Savoree and Ken Ungar J. Douglas Boles, Tom Garfinkel and Bill King
J. Douglas Boles and Tom Garfinkel Dan Davis and Ken Ungar
Eddie Gossage, Brett Shelton and Christopher J. Lencheski Pit crew
Reiling Kevin Savoree and Ken Ungar
Simulator Simulator
Al Speyer and Herb Fishel Roger Bailey and Rollie Helmling
Dr. Henry Bock and John Melvin Doug Sellars and Buddy McAtee
Chris Economaki
Dr. Terry Trammell and Dr. Steve Olvey Demo run by Mattias Ekström
Demo run by Mattias Ekström Timo Scheider and Mattias Ekström
Timo Scheider and Mattias Ekström
Timo Scheider Stefan Mücke