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Scott Sharp's #8 Indy Car #7 Frank G Special.  Driven by Tommy Baldwin Sr., 1947-2004.
#78 Midget, built by Pappy Hough in 1935.  Driven by many East Coast drivers.  Ray Jackson drove it in 1946. Ever wonder what a Late Model looked like on the inside?
Powerplant in the Avanti Performance Products Alcohol Funny Car.  Driven by Ralph Geroni at Maple Grove. This is what makes the #1 go.
Mike Miller's #1 Special ARDC Midget. Ahhh...who needs the car?  But remember the charities!
As if the Fox car was not pretty enough! A young fan tries the CRC chopper on for size, just in case he wins it.
#7 Fox Motorsports late model, driven by Jason Arthofer.  Owned by John and Darlene Fox, all winnings are donated to charity.  Last year $42,000 went to Veterans groups, hospitals and disaster relief.
Miss CRC, atop CRC's custom chopper built by Orange County Choppers.  The bike will be given away in the Business end of a Greenwood Corvette
NASCAR Bobbleheads #76 Limited Sprint Car, driven by Mike Piersig
#4 Diet Pepsi Midget, driven by 1990 USAC Midget Champion Jeff Gordon Get your autograph hats here.  Hope they have more in the back - Kasey has more fans than that!
I don't think he's going to buy that shirt. Hooters!
Chomp!  The Jaws of Life, on display by motorsports safety experts RaceResQ So now it's a GT 0.040
Honey, I shrank the Troy Ruttman Big Car The Bill Morsch X-5 Pinto
Butch Wilkerson, three-time Sprint champion at Lawrenceberg Speedway, poses with the #1 replicar. Replica of the Dobbins #1 Sprint Car, driven by Pancho Carter in the 1970s.
#9 Wolfe Brothers Special.  Fred Putney drove this car to 24 wins and two championships at Silver Spring, from 1972-1976. Crosley-powered 3/4 Midget.  Driven by Bob Dini, Tony Romit and Johnny Coy.  The offset engine put weight on the outside wheels for traction on slick indoor tracks.
Dick Briggs, owner and restorer of #24.  Dick was the chief mechanic on the Ken Brenn team in the 50s, 60s and 70s. #24 Ken Brenn Offy Midget.  Drivers included Bobby Unser, Don Branson and Len Duncan.  Dubbed
Veteran drivers, ready to sign autographs Reading Fair track, in miniature
Flathead powerplant in the #199. #199 driven by Gary Wolford.  Won the last Flathead race at Reading, in 1962.
1980 Sportsman Dirt Car. Raced at Bridgeport from 1979 through 1990 by Wayne Weaver (original builder, with Paul Weaver and Tom Ballard), Dan Reick, John Morris and Ted Grieves. Speed on the water.  American Power Boat Association display.
#25 Late Model, driven by David Williams Jason Smith with his AJF Racing #50
Ed Foley, with his Pro Stock dragster Super Sprint driver Lucas Wolfe.  Look for his #5W at Williams Grove and Lincoln this season.
We used to call these Sportsman.  #M40
Two future stars.  Kala Proctor and Stephanie Smith drive Microrods with the Syracuse Quarter Midget & Microrod Club.  The club is currently raising money for a new track. A quarter midget.  Great way for youngsters to start.
A modern Kart The Dallara's steering wheel
1999 Dallara Firestone Firehawk Indy Car The Ferrari's steering wheel