ALLEN, TX (December 3) -- The World of Outlaws 25th Anniversary Season will feature significant rules changes that will greatly affect the sport of sprint car racing.

The most important of these rules -- those concerning weight and tires -- will make the sport more safe, economical and competitive.

"One thing we've always tried to do with the World of Outlaws is keep everything on an even plane," World of Outlaws President Ted Johnson said. "This coming year, we're going to add weight to the cars so they all weigh at least 1,375 pounds. This will let the racers who don't race with us regularly know when he comes to the race track that every car will weigh at least 1,375 pounds, so they will feel like they can race competitively. We're also going to have a tire rule. Every car owner loves that because it's going to save him money."

The following are the rules changes as they appear in the 2003 World of Outlaws Rule Book.

The maximum width allowed for the opening at the top of the roll cage is 27 inches.

The drivers right side opening must be a minimum 10-inch vertical opening at any point and a minimum 21-inch horizontal opening at any point.

The rear cross member used for mounting the steel drive line hoop must be constructed of .083 steel.

Weight Rule: All race cars must weigh a minimum of 1,375 pounds with the driver in the car. Bolt on weight is allowed but must be securely installed on the cars' basic framework and must be located in an area between the bottom frame rails and axles.

Tire Rule: During single-day events and the qualifying nights of multi-day events the same right rear tire used in qualifying must also be used throughout the Heat and Dash races. This rule remains the same for the feature-day of multi-day events except that all cars qualified for the Dash can change tires.

Wheel Rule: Right rear wheel maximum width is 18 inches, and the left rear maximum is 15 inches.

The Brodix BD 2000 head will be illegal starting in 2004. Additionally, the front mag drive block is illegal for 2003.

Traction control devices are illegal.

The World of Outlaws will open its 2003 season February 21st at Kings Speedway in Hanford, CA.