Montreal, November 15, 2000 - Formula One race-car driver Jacques Villeneuve announced today that he will be going into business in Montreal next spring with the opening of a restaurant / bar on the corner of Crescent and de Maisonneuve Street.

"I enjoy being in Montreal, and for quite awhile now I've been looking for a reason to spend more time there," said Villeneuve, adding that the theme of the restaurant will not be linked to Formula One racing. "I've also had the idea for some time to open a place where people can get together in a setting that lends itself to partying and just simply relaxing. The opening of my restaurant / bar in Montreal fulfils both of these wishes."

The 19,000 square-foot, four-story complex, which is currently without a name, is expected to house a nightclub, restaurant, bar-lounge and a terrace. The establishment will maintain the historic façade of one of the two buildings on the lot, since the remaining bricks from the demolition process were kept and they will be part of the new architecture.

To ensure the success of his new business venture, Villeneuve has enlisted not only his long-time friend and British American Racing boss, Craig Pollock, who is one of the investors, but also two seasoned professionals in the restaurant and entertainment trade.

The two local businessmen - Martin Poitras and Jean-Pierre Da Costa Li, who will share the task of designing and managing the project, both have extensive experience. Mr. Poitras is an event promoter and the former owner of Funkytown and Electric Avenue, a pair of popular Montreal discothèques. Mr. Da Costa Li a well-known restauranteur in Monaco who moved to Quebec a year ago, plans to offer a menu of refined cuisine in casual setting.

"We realize this project is bound to generate lots of interest because of the involvement of Jacques (Villeneuve) but I can already say that the project will be in keeping with its image: ambitious, audacious and thorough," remarked Mr. Poitras. "Right now, we are making sure that all the construction deadlines will be met so that we can go ahead with the official opening in the spring."

The partners in the project will be announcing the name of the new complex in the coming months and they will also be divulging further details about the various elements comprising the restaurant / bar's concept.