The 5 most outrageous driving experiences


We looked around for some of the coolest driving experiences around, and this is what we came up with.


If you’re after the greatest adrenaline rush in the driving world then look no further than Silverstone’s Hypersonic Experience. 0-60mph in 3 seconds then from there up to 150mph propelled by a 3.7L V8 Ford Cyclone engine. This is the closest you will ever get to feeling what it’s like for the F1® drivers as they go around the legendary track at Silverstone. Without a doubt one of the best experience days out there; Silverstone claim it will leave you “begging for mercy” but we think it will leave you begging for more.

Warning: To experience the Hypersonic you need to measure between 4ft 6 and 6ft 3 and not weigh more than 16st. You don’t drive so you won’t need a driving license – but if you’re under 10 years old or over 70 the Hypersonic has been judged too much of a good thing.


Want to feel like Optimus Prime for the day? Then you probably want a truck driving experience. Drive a DAF XF tractor unit, boasting 550bhp, a fridge, Sky TV and a bunk-bed. Plough this beast around a specially designed truck circuit and test your driving skills to the max. A big bonus is that you don’t even need to hold a HGV license as a trained instructor will be on hand to help you around the track.


Segway experiences at Silverstone
Segway experiences at Silverstone

Photo by: Silverstone

Want a completely off the wall (or off the ground) driving experience? How about getting involved in a Segway Rally? Whizz around an off-road track on the planet's strangest driving machine. Find your way across rugged terrains whilst racing against your friends for a truly outrageous driving experience. Some say it's akin to floating through the air, some say it's just lazy, but don't be fooled, these things are quicker than you might think. Regardless it's a must for any fans of Gob from Arrested Development.

Tank driving at Silverstone
Tank driving at Silverstone

Photo by: Silverstone


Driving a car or lorry not enough for you? How about driving a tank? Crush a car, play tank paintball (be careful) or just hang out with your pals in a massive TANK! These monsters weigh around 15-20 tonnes, pack around 240bhp and totally obliterate anything that they drive over (again be careful). Test your tank skills under the guidance of fully trained instructors (thank god) and push these massive machines to the max.

Extreme dodgems at Silverstone
Extreme dodgems at Silverstone

Photo by: Silverstone


Everyone loves the dodgems but wouldn’t it be great if they were just a bit more powerful and the track was a bit bigger? Well what about if they were seriously more powerful and the track was massive? Extreme Dodgems is what! Enter in an adrenaline-fuelled, big-boys (or girls) dodgem tournament. 1300cc saloon stock cars on a 330 metre asphalt oval with trophies, commentators and race marshals all making for an unforgettable day out.

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