In the continuing debate about F1 facing dire straits in the face of a recession, Max Mosley, head of the FIA, has denied that the proposed ban of tobacco sponsorship will affect the sport.

From 2006 tobacco advertising will be banned in the European Union, but Mosley reportedly said in a Czech newspaper "Something serious would have to happen to change the situation. Nothing like that is a threat at this point."

Tobacco sponsorship aside, BAR boss Craig Pollock believes that more and more teams will be faced with a cash crisis following the September 11th attacks on America and the expected recession.

"We have to have a reality check - I think all the team principals should get together and see where costs can logically be cut in F1," Pollock said.

"The September 11 incidents have had a huge effect on the commercial side of the team, therefore it has to have an effect on the sport. We've had certain sponsors who were going to commit, sending letters out very quickly after the terrorist attack, saying due to this incident they are not going to commit the company's money to F1. It's not just the teams, it's the sport in general, such as the on-circuit signage. The TV side could also be affected, which means the overall income coming in is going to be hit," he told Autosport magazine.