Irwindale Speedway just concluded three great days with the Moxie Films people shooting a racing epic Kellogg's Frosted Flakes TV commercial featuring 1996 NASCAR Winston Cup Champion Terry Labonte.

Photo by Irwindale Speedway

The "shoot" featured over 150 extras and had Irwindale Speedway standing in for a fictitious 'Cup Superspeeway called "National Speedway". The "plot" centers around the number 5 car's new for 2001 paint scheme ( ... that is a secert until nearer Speedweeks) It should be fun to see on the tube in the Spring.

Labonte was most complimentary about Irwindale Speedway. He said that he'd like to see a race here sometime in person (he had seen it on TV but didn't really get how nice the place was). He was (of course) instantly invited to come back to IS when the Cup cars are at California Speedway.