Industry Support Soars As Grand American Award Programs Attract 53 Sponsors

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (January 24, 2002) - The contingency award programs for the Rolex Sports Car Series and the Grand-Am Cup Street Stock Series have attracted 53 auto industry companies for the 2002 season, marking a nearly 30 percent increase over last year.

The contingency award programs offer awards to participating teams that use the companies' products and display their decals on the cars. In 2001, more than $750,000 in additional awards were earned as a result of the contingency programs. The 2002 programs offer nearly three million dollars in posted awards.

The Grand-Am Cup Street Stock Series saw phenomenal growth in its program with the sponsor count doubling from 16 in 2001 to 32 in 2002. The Rolex Sports Car Series, which already was enjoying wide industry support, grew by more than 20 percent to 29 participants.

"With Grand American Road Racing Association offering these two popular championship series, we have programs that can help companies promote and sell their products," noted Patrick Murphy, Grand American Special Projects Manager. "I think that is the bottom line in explaining the growth."

Companies participating in the Grand American contingency award programs for 2002 include:

· Acura (Grand-Am Cup)
· Alcon brake calipers and rotors (Rolex Series)
· ATL fuel cells (Grand-Am Cup)
· Auto Meter tachometer (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Berryman automotive chemical products (Grand-Am Cup)
· Bosch spark plugs (Rolex Series)
· Brembo brakes (Rolex Series)
· Canton racing products (Grand-Am Cup)
· Chevrolet Corvette (Grand-Am Cup)
· Cra-Z Soap (Rolex Series)
· Custom Wheels (Grand-Am Cup)
· CV Products parts (Rolex Series)
· Dunlop tires (Rolex Series)
· Dura Fitted Garage (Grand-Am Cup)
· Dynamic Suspension shock absorbers (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Earl's Indy Competition Products (Grand-Am Cup)
· EFI data acquisition (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· EMCO gears transmissions (Rolex Series)
· Fikse wheels (Grand-Am Cup)
· Goodyear tires (Rolex Series)
· Hawk Performance brake pads (Rolex Series)
· Holley HP carburetors (Rolex Series)
· Honda (Grand-Am Cup)
· Hoosier tires (Grand-Am Cup)
· Hyperco suspension coils (Grand-Am Cup)
· Hyundai (Grand-Am Cup)
· Ingersoll-Rand Thunder Gun (Rolex Series)
· Jerico racing transmissions (Rolex Series)
· Jesel rocker arms (Rolex Series)
· Lexus (Grand-Am Cup)
· Mantapart performance parts (Grand-Am Cup)
· Mazda (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Mechanix Wear gloves (Grand-Am Cup)
· Mid Valley transmissions (Rolex Series)
· Momo apparel and accessories (Grand-Am Cup)
· Mosler MT900R (Rolex Series)
· Motec electronic systems (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Motorsports Spares (Grand-Am Cup)
· Nitrogen by Air Products (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Ohlins shock absorbers (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Performance Friction brake pads (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Pi Research data acquisition (Rolex Series)
· Quartermaster clutch & bellhousing ( Rolex Series)
· Racer Parts Wholesale (Grand-Am Cup)
· Revolution wheels (Grand-Am Cup)
· Ringers gloves (Rolex Series & Grand-Am Cup)
· Rockland/Tremec transmissions (Grand-Am Cup)
· Royal Purple motor oil (Grand-Am Cup)
· Safecraft safety equipment (Grand-Am Cup)
· Setrab oil coolers (Rolex Series)
· Stand 21 apparel (Rolex Series)
· Tex transmissions (Rolex Series)
· Toyota (Grand-Am Cup)