, Inc [] is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Credential Manager. Richard Sloop will take on the responsibility of not only coordinating with the race track venues, he will also be the main contact (liaison) with all motor sports sanctioning bodies.

"I look forward to this new position with," commented Sloop. "I have enjoyed working with the partners and the staff here and am pleased that they have requested I take this position."

Sloop, a native of Miami, graduated from Florida International University, before moving to Georgia for his Masters degree at Georgia State University.

Sloop has held positions in the "media" since 1992. He worked for CNN as a Media Researcher before forming his own companies, MediaSearch, in 1996 and PrimarySource in 1998. His specialized outsource research business clients included CNN, Reuters, CBS, AP and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

For the past 10 years, Mr. Sloop has been one of the top photographers for, covering MotoGP, NASCAR, NHRA, ALMS, IRL, CART and the 24 Hours of Le Mans; along with many other events and series.

His work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, MG World, The Flying Lady, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Motorsport Aktuell and ProTuner. He is a Contributing Editor for "The Flying Lady"; a track photographer for Road Atlanta and owner of RWS Photography.

Sloop has assisted our News Manager, Nancy Knapp Schilke for the past two years with posting news on one of the top three independent motor racing sites in the world. He also contributes special feature articles in the Magazine Channel of

"My association with top media outlets in the past is a plus for me in this new role." Sloop explained. "I know what is required, and what the various series and venues will need from us. My main goal is to establish a professional, working relationship with the race tracks and sanctioning bodies."

Sloop resides in Atlanta with his wife, Carol Fogle. Carol, who is a partner in her husband's personal business, will be as one of the contributing American Le Mans Series writers for 2005.

"I will still contribute as a photographer and writer. I love racing photography, but look forward to playing a larger role at"