Carboetech Engineering ( and the Washington DC Region of the Sports Car Club of America ( announced today that Carbotech would be offering a 20% discount on brake pads to be used during the 4th Annual 12 Hours at the Point. The race, to be held May 31 and June 1, 2002 at Summit Point Raceway, is one of the premier amateur endurance races on the continent. Fifty-one teams attempted the grueling 12 Hours at the Point in 2001 and the Region expects another full-capacity event.

"The Region appreciates Carbotech's support of our grassroots motorsports," said Don Caldwell, Region Executive. Caldwell added that "...the nature of endurance racing is a perfect opportunity to highlight the quality of Carbotech Engineering's brake pads." Larry Narcus, General Manager of Carbotech said "we're proud to be associated with the long tradition of great races hosted by the DC Region."

In addition to offering the discount to all competitors, Carbotech Engineering has joined the 12 Hours at the Point Contingency Program. Carbotech has established prizes based on finishing position and number of competitors in several classes. In addition, Carbotech is also sponsoring the Carbotech Longest Haul Award which will be awarded to the team whose car towed the furthest distance to compete in the 12 Hours at the Point.