RACE: SCCA Enterprises announces new racecar

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (December 12, 2002) -- SCCA Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, Inc., announced today that it has entered into a long-term partnership arrangement with Van Diemen International to design, import and market two new racecar chassis/engine combinations. These cars will be eligible to compete in SCCA Club Racing events beginning in 2003 with plans for an SCCA Pro Racing series.

The SCCA Enterprises Formula Sports Racer.
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The cars share a common chassis, engine and other components, while body styles are different, with open wheel and sports racing options. Both cars will be classified as "spec" with specified components, specified tires and sealed, defined horsepower engines. Van Diemen, a well known manufacturer of race cars will supply the chassis, while SCCA Enterprises will utilize its history as the first supplier of a spec racecar to provide the engine and its components.

"These cars are intended to continue and enhance the highly successful competition model established by the currently produced Spec Racer," said Jim Dickson, SCCA Enterprises President. "Enterprises is totally committed to the current 'Spec Racer' class, its owners and drivers. Now, however, we are able to broaden our selection of fixed-specification, cost-contained, driver-emphasized racecars at extremely competitive prices."

Priced for the cost-conscience driver, the formula version will sell for $26,940 complete with the closed-wheel version selling for $29,450 complete. Both cars are powered by a fuel injected 2.3-liter, all-alloy Mazda engine with a five speed sequential gearbox. Parts and service will be provided at the track through the highly popular Customer Service Representative system already established to support the current Spec Racer.

The SCCA Competition Board has reviewed the specifications of both cars and has considered placing them in Formula Atlantic and C Sports Racing. Final decision on placement will be determined after a 30-day comment period by the membership.

Pricing of cars and parts is a major component of the cost-containment Spec concept. Improvements to the racing package with an emphasis on meeting the goals of the membership plus attracting the interest of new members is of major concern.

"We at Enterprises are extremely excited about the opportunity this partnership and these cars bring to the members of the Sports Car Club of America," said Chuck Cottrell, SCCA Enterprises CEO. "The business model is sound and will not require any financial assistance from the club. Enterprises has been fiscally healthy for some time, we are providing a quality product at a fair price and servicing our customers well. The team at Enterprises is anxious to welcome these cars and the new Club members they will bring into the SCCA family."

For more information about the new SCCA Enterprises car, please visit www.scca-enterprises.com. For information about the SCCA, visit www.scca.com.


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