BUTTE, Mont. (December 19, 2002) -- Race Cars of the Future has introduced its 2003 Formula 500 racing car, the Red Devil SU-F1.

Some of the new technical features of the SU-F1 are:

High down force, low drag radiator ducts for optimum cooling.

Pushrod type front suspension with shocks mounted on top for easy adjustments.

Rear adjustable Watts Linkage and trailing arm positions to change handling characteristics.

Axle assembly can be removed from the car as a complete unit.

Jackshaft is only 14'' long and mounts in two bearings with location locking plates.

Driver is in a more upright position, allowing for more room and comfort in the cockpit.

Engine compartment moved forward to eliminate any carburetor to axle interference.

Fuel cell located behind the driver, with a special fuel trap pickup design.

Chassis frame is stronger, yet lighter, than in previous years.

Body split into separate sections for easy removal.

Accepts either the 494 or 493 model Rotax engine.

Available race-ready or in kit form.

The Red Devil SU-F1 would compete in the Formula 500 (F500) class, one of six formula classes within the Sports Car Club of America's (SCCA) club racing program. F500 is a single-seat, open wheel racecar, originally introduced in the late 1960s, built to detailed specifications for weight, size and engine displacement, and powered by a two-cylinder, water cooled two-stroke engine.

As a spec class, modifications to the engine, drive train and suspensions are tightly controlled. F500s run small displacement two-stroke (snowmobile- derived) engines, and is one of the least expensive classes to run in SCCA.

The first Red Devil SU-F1 chassis is complete and the bodywork molds are under construction.