Quotes Regarding Larry H. Miller's Passing

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. (Governor, State of Utah)

"Every citizen in our state feels a little empty today. Larry was Utah and Utah was Larry. He inspired many and served countless. We all have been made better by his extraordinary life.

"Mary Kaye and I wish to express our deepest love and sympathies to his wonderful wife, Gail, and their entire family and wish them a sense of deep condolences at this difficult time."

Jon M. Huntsman Sr.

"Larry Miller was one of the most treasured and close friends I've had in my life. He was a man of total integrity and honesty. His legacy in Utah will exist over many generations. Karen and my special love are extended to Gail and their wonderful children and grandchildren."

Thomas S. Monson (President, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

"I was sad to hear of the passing of Larry H. Miller after a valiant battle with ill health. He was a kind, generous man, a great citizen, and friend to the community and his church.

"In recent years, his generosity included significant underwriting for the Joseph Smith Papers Project that is bringing the Prophet's work to life. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Gail and their family."

David Stern (NBA Commissioner)

"It is with great sadness that I offer condolences to Gail and the Miller family on behalf of the entire NBA family. Larry's legacy extends beyond the NBA as he touched many lives in the Salt Lake City region through his business ventures and charitable endeavors. The NBA lost a great leader, colleague and friend today. We will miss him."

Randy Rigby (President and Chief Operating Officer, Utah Jazz/Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment)

"Larry Miller is a dear friend and great leader who cared deeply about his family, the state, his faith and his employees. He has created a legacy that we, as his stewards, are committed to carry on and build in his honor. His commitment to sports has changed the face of Utah forever."

Tony Schnurr (President, Larry H. Miller Group of Automotive Companies)

"We are all saddened by the news of Larry's death. He was a great man and an inspiration to all of us. The mark that he has left in the business communities in which we are located will be felt for all of the generations to follow. Larry will be truly missed."

Jerry Sloan (Head Coach, Utah Jazz)

"The whole Jazz family is really saddened by Larry H. Miller's passing. He meant so much to this state and this community. He'll always be in our hearts for what he's done. He's certainly someone we're all going to miss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Larry H. Miller's family."

John Stockton (Retired Player, Utah Jazz)

"Personally, I have lost a valuable friend. Larry has been such a remarkable individual. The community has benefited so much by his life. He is someone we will all miss."

Deron Williams (Player, Utah Jazz)

"This is a sad day for me, our team, the fans of the Utah Jazz, and the NBA. Mr. Miller was a terrific man and friend. He changed the lives of thousands of people. We have all been blessed by his generosity and love for this community, and I am blessed to call him my friend. He gave us a lot of joy, and we will miss him."

-credit: utah jazz