JESSE ALEXANDER WORKS ADDED TO WHEELS ON WALLS Wheels On Walls Over 1500 visitors in first week

Detroit -- After only one week of operation, over 1500 visitors have viewed the magnificent fine art motorsports photography presented at Wheels On Walls. <> This week we are pleased to announce the installation of four new galleries and the addition of world renown photographer, Jesse Alexander.

"We were so honored to launch our site with such a fantastic line up of talent," expressed Wheels On Walls owner, John Thawley. "With photographers like Tom Burnside, Pete Lyons, Louis Klemantaski, and contemporaries such as Richard Dole, Mike Levitt and Richard Prince, adding Jesse Alexander's work is an exclamation point to what Wheels On Walls is all about. This is very exciting."

Over the years the work of Jesse Alexander has appeared in most of the worlds prominent automotive publications including Car & Driver, Road & Track and Automobile. In 1965, he covered the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Newsweek, and in 1967 his work was used in Sports Illustrated for a feature on motorcycle racing. His work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and as part of an exhibition of sports photography at the 1996 Summer Olympics. A retrospective exhibition including more than 70 images travelled the world in 1998, sponsored by Chrysler Corporation.

"Jesse Alexander's work builds on our commitment to the best," added Thawley. "As I said when we launched, the photographers assembled at Wheels On Walls represent the best. What they do, and the level of professionalism and skill with which they do it, is equal in its own right to the talent of the subjects they photograph. They know how to tell a story and stimulate the senses of the motorsport aficionado. Wheels On Walls will raise the level of awareness to this segment of the fine-art photography market."

Alexander's catalogue, a wonderfully crafted book entitled 'Forty Years Of Motorsport Photography' is a distillation of his photographic journey. Jesse has compiled in this volume a number of the finer images of his career. These photographs, as well as a selection from his new volume 'Driven; The Racing Photography of Jesse Alexander 1954-1962' are featured at Wheels On Walls. Prints range in size from 11"x14" - 20"x24" and in price from $900. to $1500.

The Wheels On Walls galleries display over 300 images and are continually evolving with new pieces and the occasional new artist. All online transactions are secure and all major credit cards are accepted.

Participating Artists:
Jesse Alexander
Tom Burnside
Bob Chapman
Richard Dole
Regis Lefebure
Michael Levitt
Pete Lyons
Richard Prince
Jim Sykes
John Thawley
The Klemantaski Collection representing:
Louis Klemantaski
Peter Coltrin
Robert Daley
Edward Eves
Gunther Molter
Alan R. Smith
Nigel Snowden
Colin Waldeck