The new Civic Type R FIA Gr.A engineered by JAS Motorsport had its first shake down at the Adria International Raceway on November,10.

It was simply a shake down which took place in a friendly and comfortable environment to double check the mechanical componens of the car and its systems before going through much more severe sessions of tests on rally roads, which will start the next week.

The new car, which will be homologated in Gr.N and Gr.A on March,1,2007, is effectively a Group R, in compliance with the new regulations which have finally been approved by the FIA World Motorsport Council, for application January,1,2008.

Test driver on this special occasion was the rally-enthusiast Fabrizio Giovanardi, the 3 times European Touring Car Champion, who attended the test awaiting to fly to Macau where he will be racing the last event of the WTCC 2006 at the wheel of the JAS-made Honda Accord Euro R.

Luca Rossetti, experienced driver of Super 1600 rally cars and protagonist of the Italian Rally Championship, gave his important technical contribution, testing the Civic Gr.A after Giovanardi.

Both drivers contributed to the initial development of the car, reporting their feeling about the engine, the gearbox and the suspensions settings, so that the car will be already substantially corrected for the first test on rally roads, scheduled on November 22-23.

In Adria the car completed 200 km without any technical problem, which was a promising achievement of reliability in view of an intense session of tests which will take place from November till the end of February, when the competition kits will be delivered to the first customers.

-credit: jas