Jacques Couture will receive a space reserved for only a few individuals that have made a significant life-long contribution in the world of racing; an honorary membership in the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Mr. Couture will be inducted for creating the first-ever racing school in North America - the Jim Russell School at Le Circuit/Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. For more than 30 years, he has taught others how to race, win and be safer drivers. His pupils include Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve, Al Unser, Jr., Casey Mears, Memo Gidley, and Johnny O'Connell. "Jacques' passion for the sport has given inspiration to thousands of racers and paved the way for other major racing schools to open all over North America" said Ron Landthorn, president of the Jim Russell school in California. His motto is, "the impossible we do everyday, miracles take just a little longer."

Early in his career he was an accomplished driver. Among his numerous victories and championships, he won the 1971 Canadian Driving Championship in the first year of the Players Challenge Series - the series that has now become the CART / Toyota Atlantic Championship.

As the Vice President, and Director of Instruction of the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, California, he still actively instructs his students while he oversees the day to day operations of all the courses, and manages the school's amateur and professional racing championships.

Mr. Couture will be honored along with eight other Canadian's that have made significant contributions to the sport of motor racing including the late Greg Moore, Ludwig Heimrath, and Dr. Hugh Scully. The ceremony will take place during a gala event hosted by Brock Yates on Saturday, February 24th at the Weston Harbor Castle Hotel in Toronto.

The Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame was officially opened in 1993, and began inducting honorable members. In 1977, the museum all it is unique and rare vehicles plus memorabilia moved to its current location at 777 Bay Street in Toronto. The Hall of Fame now has over 60 inducted honorable men and women who have been recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to Canadian motorsports. Categories for induction include Competitors, Motorsport Builders, Team Members and Significant Contributors.

-Kjell Kallman