The Heartland Sprint Series is gaining momentum, and as the New Year approaches, there is considerable interest being shown in the new series. The series has established a home track at the Grove Creek Raceway in Grove City, MN and will be running every Saturday night as well as several sprint double-header specials when the Wissota Sprint tour pulls into town. "In just the last few days, eleven new sets of rules where sent out to potential drivers and teams, and the number one factor for the increased interest is that there are enough spec parts, which will make for a level playing field in the 305 series", series founder and technical director Bill Woodworth stated. The Heartland Sprint Series will run primarily on Saturday nights at Grove Creek, but is still in negotiations with several other central Minnesota speedways on the prospect of hosting a series event. The series has been gaining strength based on the affordability and the amount of spec. parts in the motors. The series should start with a nice field of competitive cars and continue to grow throughout the season. As always, the Heartland Sprint Series welcomes any interested drivers or teams to contact Series Director and Grove Creek promoter, Greg Johnson, at 320-693-2898 or or technical director, Bill Woodworth , at (952) 361-9763 or