Atlanta, Georgia (December 10, 2008) - HANS Performance Products "HANS", manufacturers of the multiple award winning HANS Device, has filed a patent infringement suit in the District Court for the Southern District of California against Innovative Safety Technology, LLC.

In the suit, HANS alleges that the defendant's defNder G70 product infringes U.S. Patent No. 6,009,566. HANS is seeking damages, injunctive and other relief.

"We and our licensees have invested significantly in the invention, innovation and continued development of proprietary head and neck restraint technologies," said Mark Stiles, Chief Executive Officer of HANS Performance Products. "When others make use of our patented technology, we will always take aggressive action to protect our investment, including the enforcement of our legal rights."

The HANS Device is a safety product worn by racecar drivers to help protect against life threatening basilar skull injuries of the type that are acknowledged to have killed stock car racing legend Dale Earnhardt in 2001. With more than 65,000 users, the industry leading HANS Device is the most tried, tested and trusted head and neck restraint worldwide. The uniqueness of its intellectual property and the company's leading contribution to motorsports safety was most recently recognized by the presentation of the Society of Automotive Engineer's 2008 Motorsports Engineering Award.

HANS is represented by the law firm Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP.

-credit: hans