Elf Clio Renaultsport UK Cup front-runner, Rick Pearson will make his Autosport Show debut next month on behalf of the British marshals' organisation, BMRMC.

"I always enjoy attending the Autosport show because it's an excellent opportunity to meet up with the rest of the racing fraternity and see how everyone's plans are progressing for the season to come," Pearson commented. "I am especially pleased to be making an appearance on behalf of the BMRMC during the 2001 show - without a doubt, the marshals are the unsung heroes of motorsport.

"When you sit in the smouldering aftermath of that hopelessly optimistic qualifying lap, trying to work out what hurts and what still works, the knowledge that they will be by your side within seconds is enormously comforting."

Pearson- who finished fifth in this years Clio Cup- will take to the BMRMC's stand during day three of the show (Saturday, January 13), to talk about the BMRMC organisation and the role of marshals in motorsport. Visitors to the stand will also have the opportunity to talk with the Mark Fish Motorsport-runner about his experiences in the Clio Cup.

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