BRIDGESTONE/FORD CHAMP CAR NEWS -- ZOLL Medical Corporation Joins Champ Car as Official Supplier For Medical Team

INDIANAPOLIS (August 23, 2006) -- The Champ Car World Series Medical Team, along with its fast-response Safety Team, is known throughout motorsports for its world-class safety and medical care at the racetrack, having set the standard for accident response and medical attention at racing events around the world.

Champ Car's Safety Team enhanced its response and life-saving capacity even further today with the announcement that ZOLL Medical Corporation has signed an agreement to become an Official Supplier of the Medical team for the remainder of the 2006 season and for 2007.

ZOLL will supply defibrillators and its portable M Series® CCT biphasic defibrillator/monitor to the Champ Car Safety Team, along with the new AED Pro® with Real CPR Help technology. external defibrillator The AED Pro is designed for outside use in harsh environments.

"We are delighted to have ZOLL as the exclusive supplier of out critical-care monitors and automatic external defibrillators for the Champ Car Medical Center and Safety Team," said Champ Car Medical Director, Dr. Chris Pinderski. "The capabilities of these units help us maintain the highest level of emergency care both on and off of the track."

-credit: ccws