Bologna, 18th December 2003 - The Bologna Motor Show closed with a truly positive result, gratifying the commitments of both Organiser and exhibitors for this 28th edition of the Bologna show.

The more than 90 product previews, the exceptional turnout amongst Car manufacturers with 99% of the Italian market present, the numerous car and motorcycle test drives that involved some 40,000 visitors and the top-level sports events received an overwhelming response from the public, up 6.5% on last year's figures, with a total of 1,200,780 visitors.

This extraordinary success went hand-in-hand with an increase in female visitors to the Bolognese exhibition. Thanks to the cut price admission fee on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays the number of female visitors rose from 13% in 2002 to 18% at this year's edition (in short there was one woman to every six men).

The Exhibition's importance was highlighted by exceptional media coverage. The Organiser received more than 7800 press accreditation applications: There were 2,632 authorised press members at the 2003 Motor Show, of whom 1,735 were Italian and 897 foreign.

During the day dedicated to them, some 28,952 trade professionals flocked to the BolognaFiere Exhibition Centre to visit the event.

On 5th and 6th December, coinciding with the trade professionals' day and that in which the Motor Show opened to the public, the first edition of the Dealers' Show, Promotor International's new (business to business) Exhibition was held, dedicated to the automobile dealership sector and to the suppliers of goods and services destined for the automobile sales network, which was a resounding success. It attracted some 3,157 trade professionals from all over Italy: of whom, 1,353 dealers were accredited for the Federaicpa - InterAutoNews Conference; 1.115 attended the 51 company workshops promoted by exhibitors and 522 the 4 institutional conventions.

The 2003 Motor Show was officially opened by Pietro Lunardi, Infrastructure and Transport Minister, who chaired the Exhibition's opening conference "The automotive sector: combining competition with safety", during which he declared: "The Motor Show is an exceptional event, and that's not just the car and motorcycle enthusiast in me talking. It is an international scale initiative and the most suitable place to talk about safety". Lunardi also unveiled the results of the adoption of the penalty points licence. "In five months, from July to November, the number of accidents has plummeted by 38%, road deaths by 33% and injuries by 31%".

The Grafic Arena was the venue for spectacular displays, which received an exceptional response from the spectators who packed the seating stalls throughout the Motor Show. In the nine days of competitions, initially on the track and then on a rally circuit, a total of 40 races, competitions and displays involved approximately 300 drivers.