INDIANAPOLIS - The American IndyCar Series (AIS) announced new management to run the AIS operations.

Former Championship Auto Racing Team (CART) owner Barry Brooke, of Carmel, Ind., was tabbed as the President and CEO of the AIS. In addtion, Bobby Brooks, of Honolulu, a former SCCA racing series champion and team owner has been named as the Senior Vice President of AIS operations.

"We are thrilled to have the new AIS series operators hire Barry and Bobby to come in and run the day to day operations of the series" said Bret Decker former AIS series manager. "Their extensive background as owners, both in CART and SCCA, give Barry and Bobby the knowledge and background necessary for the AIS to grow as a premier sanctioning series for INDYCARS".

According to Brooke and Brooks, current rules for the AIS will remain intact

"We look forward to a positive working relationship with the current drivers and teams, whom have been very loyal in supporting the AIS while these agreements were put in place" said Brooke

"We realize their investment into the series as serious, and want to work closely with the all the drivers and teams," added Brooks.

Additional press information regarding television contracts, series sponsors, and the official 2002 AIS Racing schedule will be released at a "2002 Season Preview" reception, which will be held in late November, in Las Vegas.

The AIS cars are the same cars that competed in both the CART and IRL racing series, with several of the cars having previously raced in the famed INDIANAPOLIS 500. Recently, the AIS cars and drivers were used in the Columbia Pictures release of the film version "Charlie's Angels".