Auto GP will race in Navarra

There's a new venue in the Auto GP calendar: it's the Navarra-Los Arcos track, a brand new circuit located in the northern region of Spain, about 50 kms from Pamplona. With a T1 Homologation, which allows the circuit to host F.1 testing, the Los Arcos track is a very modern complex boasting a 4 kms layout, with 15 corners (6 left, 9 right) giving the driver a really varied challenge. Besides that, the circuit has been conceived targeting the higher possible safety standards, with huge runoff areas which are really needed when you field cars capable of more than 300 kph such as the Auto GP Lola/Zytek.

Furthermore, Auto GP will be opening event for the track, something that will focus the attention of the Spanish motorsport fans on the Series. For the event date, wherein Auto GP will share the track with the Spanish GT promoted by GT Sport, the championship organization will choose between two dates, September 11-12 and September 25-26.

This means that the Navarra-Los Arcos event will replace Brands Hatch, initially planned for September 18.

Enzo Coloni: "When we were given the opportunity to race in the official opening event of the Navarra circuit, we were really thrilled, and we had no other option than saying `yes'. Spain is a very passionate country when it comes to motorsport, and the birth of another well organized track like that shows how the interest for motor racing is still raising. Speaking with our sponsor and with the teams everybody agreed that going to Navarra was really worth the change. While Brands Hatch has a great tradition, Navarra's safety standards are way better, and with high performing and very powerful cars like ours, safety is something that we have to keep in mind as one of our priorities. Anyway, we'd like to say thank you to Brands Hatch for their kindness, and confirm that Auto GP will work to race in the UK soon".

-source: auto gp