Let's go!

Russian racing driver Vitaly Petrov achieved some good results during the first stage of the European Formula-3000 Championship. He successfully finished both races on Italian Adria racetrack and scored points.

There were fifteen sportsmen from five European countries, Africa and America at the debut weekend of the 2006 Championship. On Saturday qualification Vitaly Petrov took the seventh position.

The first of two races was not easy for Vitaly, nicknamed as "Vyborg rocket". In spite of brake problems he got chequered flag, and even more - did not allow competitors to overtake him. As a result he finished sixth.

Having started from third position during the second race Petrov unfortunately could not maximize the advantage because his Lola stalled on grid. After Euronova team mechanics started the engine on pit-lane, Vitaly tried to catch up his competitors, despite one lap behind. Being as fast as race leaders (he showed fifth laptime) 21-years old Russian was able to take and surpass one of drivers before finish line.

After first stage Vitaly Petrov is ranking on the seventh position in drivers standings. The second weekend of European F3000 will take place at Italian Imola track on May, 6th and 7th.

V. Petrov: "We had some problems with brakes since the beginning. This problem had been solved by us by the time of qualification, anyway, the control timer hiccoughed. That's why I had to stop at the pit-lane and then drove a fast lap on used tyres. Because of that I couldn't have better than the seventh position, but I counted on better results. During the first race brakes disappeared on a very first laps and it was pretty difficult to fight but I tried to do my best. Secong race became just a good training for me after the car had stalled on the grid. I hope the team will solve all the technique problems and in Imola nothing will prevent me from full-blown driveout".

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