Minardi quicker today in Vallelunga with Rodriguez Then Ricci and Bonanomi. Giancarlo Fisichella at the pit wall

With the sun shining in Vallelunga, eleven Lola B02/50 went on the track today for the Euroseries 3000 and the F3000 Italian Championship joint test oreganized by Coloni Motorsport.

In the morning the two best chronos, the only ones lower then 1'25'', were set by the two Championship contenders, Bonanomi and Ricci, who are diveded by just one point in the Euroseries rankings while they even tie in the Italian series.

Also Giancarlo Fisichella attended the practice session with his team testing today also the young driver Marco Frezza, already protagonist of the Formula Renault Eurocup and Italian Championship.

In the afternoon session Minardi team confirmed the good shape showed in Silverstone recording the best chrono of the day with Roldan Rodriguez who finished ahead of Ricci and Bonanomi. A good performance also for Euronova, fourth and fifth with D'Ambrosio and Petrov.

Apart from the usual championship contenders, the test was attended also by Giuseppe Chiminelli, with Euronova, and the young drivers Marco Frezza and Frankie Provenzano, also coming from Formula Renault 2.0

Formula Medicine was back, after its first visit at the Mugello event, to develop, along with Smartex and Digilab 2000, a new tool able to record driver's ECG and breath parameters that can be used stand-alone or together with the normal technical telemetry <pre> JOINT TESTS Autodromo di Vallelunga 1. Roldan Rodriguez Lola B02/50 Minardi 1'24''316 58 laps 2. Giacomo Ricci Lola B02/50 FMS 1'24''437 70 laps 3. Marco Bonanomi Lola B02/50 FMS 1'24''442 69 laps 4. Jerome D'Ambrosio Lola B02/50 Euronova 1'24''561 65 laps 5. Vitaly Petrov Lola B02/50 Euronova 1'24''739 71 laps 6. Tuka Rocha Lola B02/50 Minardi 1'24''949 51 laps 7. Ivan Bellarosa Lola B02/50 Avelon 1'25''162 76 laps 8. Matteo Cressoni Lola B02/50 Vanni/Traini 1'25''199 61 laps 9. Frankie Provenzano Lola B02/50 Avelon 1'26''542 48 laps 10. Marco Frezza Lola B02/50 FMS 1'26''906 74 laps 11. Giuseppe Chiminelli Lola B02/50 Euronova 1'31''173 35 laps

-credit: cm