The racing weekend in Zolder was the debut one for Team Costa Rica. The new racing team, which fielded the 17 years-old mexican Juan Carlos Sistos, was founded by Eduardo Aguilar Calderon, team manager committed in launching and promoting the young south American driving talents. Today he explains how the idea of a new team for the championship organized by Enzo Coloni was born.

So, how did you decide to found the Team Costa Rica for Euroseries 3000?

"The team is intended to be a sort of extension of the homonym team that I manage in South America, fielded in the Latam Challenge Series. There, we follow the young drivers in karting and we choose the best ones for racing in the 2 litres championship. The Euroseries 3000 team is a step further, the one that we were missing. Now we have a clear learning path for our drivers, from karting to the high powered open-wheels cars, with engines exceeding 3000 cc. We were looking forward to that, and we worked hard to make it happen in time for Zolder. While doing this, we had a great help from the Automobile Club of Costa Rica, which granted us the racing licence in record time. They deserve a big thank you".

What does it mean, for a south american young driver, having such an opportunity?

"It means a lot. When a young guy comes to Europe for racing, whether it's from Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela or some other south american country, he has to face too much challenges at a time. From a sporting point of view he has a new car to deal with, new tracks and new rules. In the everyday life he discovers a whole new environment, from language to people and places.

"I believe that this is the reason why debuting in Europe with a latin team is so important for a south american driver. It can cushion the impact with this new reality, cancelling at least a part of the problems and helping him to deal with the others thanks to our experience. We have the technical know-how to manage the cars in the best possible way and we have the right experience to help a driver to understand how to live in Europe, how to face important deals and everything else. We offer a package to make life easier for our young talents".

Why did you choose Euroseries 3000 by PartyPoker?

"Because they can guarantee our drivers a top car to race against a top-notch competition. When a young talent has to race against drivers who already competed in GP2 like Bonanomi and Hanley he can learn and improve faster, understanding immediately what's needed to become a pro. And for a south american driver, who has to grow without the help of any Federation, saving time can be vital.

"Also the low costs are important. With the budget needed for one season in F.3 Euroseries at the highest level, we manage to complete two Euroseries 3000 seasons, which we believe are the ideal path to prepare a young driver for GP2.

"Besides that, we think that a driver can switch from a 2 litres open-wheels car like the Latam Challenge Series to a powerful car like the Euroseries 3000 Lola B05/52 without any problem. Juan Carlos Sistos is showing that with his race by race improvements".

What's the team's objective?

"Obviously, the objective for the season is getting better and better at every race. The extensive objective is taking south America racing back to the high levels he was used to, till F.1".

-credit: eu3000