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Provisional Qualifying Driver Quotes - Atlantic at Vancouver ...

Provisional Qualifying Driver Quotes - Atlantic at Vancouver

#85 STEVE KNAPP (P1 Racing-NTN Bearings/Miller Milling) "We were only eleventh fastest in the morning session, but I knew we were quicker; but with my mistakes and yellow flags we didn't do well. The P1 crew deserves a long overdue effort like this."

* * *

#3 MICHAEL DAVID (PDR Enterprises - Water Joe/David Engineering & Mfg.) "The session went really well. The Water Joe car was flawless all session. Hopefully, we are in the top 10, but there are some things we can do to the car to be quicker tomorrow."

* * *

#19 MEMO GIDLEY (Lynx Racing) "I've got a car I'm really happy with. We might make a few tiny adjustments, but not much. It seems to me that the key here, aside from getting a clean lap, is to use all the track right up to the wall. There's grip in unlikely places here and you need it all." (Peter Frey)

* * *

#32 ALEX BARRON (Lynx Racing-Victory Circle/Red Line Oil) "It was a slightly unsettled session for us. I had to come in and get my battery changed because the engine was missing, but that cured it. Then I came in halfway through the session and made a shock change, but we went the wrong way. So we know what to do for tomorrow moving, and we'll be fine." (Peter Frey)

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#78 DAVID RUTLEDGE (BDJS-Fleming Financial/Keg Caesar's) "It was a challenging qualifying session. Luckily we had it in dry weather. The sun actually came out near the end. I think I picked up time - about a second from this morning's session, which is quite an accomplishment. The car was running great; we're really happy to be running where we are in front of the fans here in Vancouver."

* * *

#35 DAVID POOK (B.D.J.S.-HYPE Energy Drink/Budweiser) "I was really surprised with my times and to have run as high as fifth, because my two fastest laps were actually in traffic and I was passing people. It was pretty tough to get a clear lap out there. I had one relatively early in the session and one late, but locked up under braking on that one. This is one of my favorite places to race and visit. We went to the restaurant Michael Andretti credits for his success here and maybe there is something to it. The adjustments we made after practice are working pretty well. The track is a lot bumpier than last year and we are still working on the springs, but I'm looking to tomorrow, hopefully we can pick up a few more spots."

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